LGE Presents The CreatoR 300

The CreatoR 300. The reason why I choose the CreatoR part to my name because Yahweh The Creator leads my life. The 300 part is to trust your Intuition which is fondly associated with the angel number 300. Also I love Spartan Warrior Culture. I believe you can change the world with music even if it is at one person at a time. I always tell people Love yourself 100% and Others. Invest in yourself, and appreciate others around you. Be Rich in people, family, friends, fans, and love. Money should be last on your list to be rich in. Thank you for visiting my page. DISCLAIMER MY MUSIC DOES NOT REPRESENT ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES***** ALL MUSIC IS TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THEIR ACTIONS AS HUMAN BEINGS******

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